Luther and Sandy Meier

Missionaries in Great Britain


Luther and Sandy Meier are both ordained ministers and US citizens living in the UK since 1979. When God dramatically called them into foreign missions in 1975, Luther left behind his university teaching and performing career in music. They sold their home and joined an evangelistic music team, taking them to 20 countries over 6 years. They witnessed thousands of Eastern and Western Europeans coming to Christ.

Ensuing years brought them to pastoral work besides missions, planting and pastoring churches in the UK, where Luther still functions as an apostolic overseer where they reside in northern England.

In the early 90’s, the Meiers were ministry associates of Missionary Ventures until 1995, when they joined full-time and founded what is now Missionary Ventures Great Britain (MVGB). They pioneered ministry primarily in Europe and established leadership training colleges in Uganda, Kenya, India, and Russia which flourish along with short term teams and various projects. During this time when they spent time in India, they collaborated with Indian pastors to reach an unreached people tribe where the Kingdom of God continues to thrive and grow in mountainous villages.

In 2005, Luther was appointed as vice president at large of Missionary Ventures International.

During 47 years in foreign missions, Luther and Sandy have ministered in 39 countries. Sandy has sung in 15 different languages for evangelistic events and worship settings, as well as joining Luther by teaching in conferences and Bible colleges. They continue to minister to missionaries around the world from their own experiences and walking with the Lord for many years and contribute leadership within MV International.


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