Abelino and Olivia Cal

Missionaries in Guatemala


Abelino Cal was born and raised in the city of San Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala. It is here that he pursues his passion and ministry, which is reaching the Poqomchi’ people for Jesus and see them become steadfast Christians. To do this, Abelino has spent about 21 years translating the New Testament into Poqomchi’ and currently works with others to translate the Old Testament as well.  As a part of his ministry, Abelino is also in charge of a small school that helps youth and adults further their education and grow in Christ. It is also a goal of his to start an internet cafe for these students and others to have access to more information for their studies, while supporting the other ministries too.

Currently, Abelino and his wife Olivia live in San Cristobal Verapaz with their 8 children and continue to work in their community to reach the Poqomchi’.


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