Dan and Erika Turner

Missionaries in Nicaragua


Dan and Erika live and serve in Managua, Nicaragua where they dedicate themselves to the mission of Nicaragua Christian Academy International (NCAI). Erika's journey in Nicaragua began in childhood, as the daughter of MVI missionaries Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard. After returning to Managua as an adult, she immersed herself in the NCAI community, initially as a 6th-grade teacher. Today, she pours her passion into various roles, nurturing their daughters Verity and Juliet while continuing to support NCAI's endeavors. Meanwhile, Dan serves the school as both an elementary PE teacher and the Athletic Director. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Dan found his calling at NCAI in 2013. Together, Dan and Erika embody NCAI's commitment to holistic education and service, shaping the lives of students and fostering a vibrant community that extends far beyond the classroom.

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