Eli and Sherling Sanchez

Missionaries in Spain


The Sanchez Family is from Nicaragua. Eli was raised in a pastoral family where he grew up helping his Dad plant churches in Nicaragua, knowing all along that God had chosen him for pastoral work. Sherling knew when she was little that God has put her here on earth to work as a missionary. She started going on short mission trips since she was 14 years old. After attending missions school for 3 years, she was missionary in Africa. They met and got married 2 years later and together they were pastoring and training short them missionaries, traveling, and leading missions trip in Latin America. They established the Transcultural Missions Academy of AG in Nicaragua to train missionaries families for long term missions. Now they have little Mateo and Santiago, and as a family the Sanchez are serving in Spain with the passion and call of planting churches and training missionaries. They planted the multicultural church House of Nations in the center of Madrid. They have a passion to see Muslim communities know about Jesus and be witnesses of transformation by the power of God. Eli loves music, Sherling likes to cook, Mateo loves painting and pizza, and Santiago loves cars and beans!


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