Ellie and Lila Quezada

Missionaries in Mexico


Ellie and Lila have been working in Oaxaca, Mexico for 16 yrs and are both graduates from Multnomah Bible College, now Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.  They have been married 34 years and have 8 children.

Eleazar and Lila Quezada have a two-fold ministry.

Ellie is a recording studio technician and manager of the MItla Recording Studio in Mitla, Oaxaca.  He specializes in producing and distributing the Luke/Jesus Films and New Testament recordings in Oaxaca’s 120 indigenous languages.  He encourages indigenous pastors and believers in the use of audio Scripture resources for evangelism and discipleship.  He hosts ministry/medical/work teams to assist local Oaxacan churches in reaching their people for Jesus and networks with other Christian groups/agencies to get the work done!

Lila is founder/director of Casa Compasiva, a Christian Birth Center and Midwifery Training School in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Lila is helping to improve maternal and infant healthcare  through:

  • equipping Christian Mexican women to serve as midwives and doulas (labor support)
  • Compassionate, Christ-centered midwifery training via a hands-on apprenticeship model
  • Providing doula care in local hospitals
  • Offering community outreach clinics such as dental and medical brigades and “pregnancy fairs”
  • Networking with local private and government agencies to offer workshops on healthcare and related themes.

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