Ellie and Lila Quezada

Missionaries in Global


Ellie’s job is to educate, promote and recruit for missions. He is involved in training and leading ministry teams to Oaxaca and other areas of the globe. He continues his commitment to making audio scriptures available to indigenous people groups – promoting the production and distribution of audio New Testaments wherever and whenever possible. Additionally, he is dedicated to ministry among the Mexican and Guatemalan migrant workers in our area of B.C.-- serving in practical ways while sharing the gospel of Salvation in Jesus.

Lila speaking: “While I have had to curtail many of my former activities because of Parkinson’s Disease, my job assignment is to continue to do the things that I can’t NOT do. In other words, the things that make me ME, and that I will always instinctively do for as long as I am able-- and that I can’t stop myself from doing. So that would be… Hospitality. Mentoring. Encouraging others in ministry. Prayer and counseling. Maybe a little writing (next book idea percolating…) :)

Ellie and Lila currently live and serve both in Point Roberts, WA, and British Columbia, Canada. They are the grateful parents of 8 children and currently have 5 grandchildren. Their children are impacting the world in the five different countries in which God has placed them.

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