Mauro and Julia Martinez

Missionaries in Latvia


Mauro was born in Argentina and he moved to Latvia in 2010 where he met Julia. They have been married since 2013 and have one daughter, Eliza (2018), and one son, Lionel (2020).

They are the directors of a one-year on-campus program called Baltic School of Ministry in Ozolnieki (Latvia). Mauro finished his Masters degree in November 2021 (with a major in Christian Studies) and Julia her Bachelors degree in June 2022 (Translation and Interpretation).

They are also working on the translation and distribution of material for Sunday school teachers with a ministry called Little Hands for Missions. The goal of this ministry is to train kids on mission, so that the importance of missionary work will be the DNA of the next generation of church leaders.

Their passion? Make disciples!

Main   Projects  

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