Billy and Donna Hires

Missionaries in United States


Meet Billy and Donna Hires.  They have been happily married for over 40 years. When they are in the U.S., they reside in Otto, North Carolina. After 33 years of serving in the local church, Billy as pastor and Donna as women’s ministry leader, the Lord called them to full-time missions with MVI. Their responsibilities with MVI are primarily twofold: First, they help provide much needed pastoral care for our missionaries on the field in Central and South America, Africa and parts of Europe.

Secondly, they spend much of their time training and encouraging the church leadership, primarily in Africa and Latin America. Billy and Donna do this through seminars and conferences organized by our missionaries on the ground, as well as, in Bible Colleges and seminaries.

In these times of teaching they focus on two key areas:

*A Biblical Vision for Discipleship:

It is often said, “The church is a mile wide and an inch deep.” This is an interesting way of saying we have done a good job of evangelizing but a poor job of discipleship.  Their passion is to set before the church leadership a biblical vision for discipleship and give them practical, transferable tools for the task.

*A Biblical Understanding of Marriage and Family:

Discipleship begins at home and the church is only as strong as its families. One of Billy and Donna’s great joys is helping leaders understand how a healthy marriage relates to the effectiveness of everything else they do in ministry.

As they come alongside these leaders to help equip them for more fruitful ministry, we will see a stronger, healthier church. And it is their prayer that these healthier churches will be the ones sending out a new generation of spiritually healthy missionaries that will take the Gospel to the yet unreached peoples of the world.

Billy and Donna now have a new mission in addition to their responsibilities at MVI. In Otto, NC, they were entrusted with a home on a beautiful creek with a downstairs apartment for missionaries and pastors to come for a time of refreshment and renewal.

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