Deborah Deren

Missionary in Kenya


Deborah Deren has been living in rural Kenya, serving the Maasai tribe, since 2014.  Her main focus is the growing church, which started under a tree, and the many community projects which show the love of Christ in action.   Because of many recent changes in land division, the Maasai tribe are having to change their whole way of life.  Through the church, love is shown through current and planned projects to bring reliable, clean water to the community, provide training for families to grow their own food and explore zero grazing schemes for cattle, sheep and goats.  Community outreach includes mobile bush clinics, a micro-finance loan program, small-business training, Natural Medicine gardens to cure malaria and other ailments, and a hot lunch program for school children.   Interns and short term mission teams are a blessing to help in building up the church and sharing the  love of Christ in the community.


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