Patricia Crook

Missionary in Uganda


Pat Crook is the current ‘Three Stones’ national coordinator. She is from the UK, has a nursing back- ground, and has worked in the training and management field in the UK for 25 years.

Her family is in the UK, being two daughters, sons in law and three grandchildren. Her home church is Altrincham Baptist Church in Cheshire. She first arrived in Africa in 1993 and has lived in Uganda for 8 years. Her heart is with the villagers, so much so that she stays in villages with Uganda friends when travelling.

‘The Three Stones’ is a health education program that teaches local villagers how to prevent 75% of deaths with resources already available to them; using the simple ‘three stones’ analogy. In Uganda food is cooked in pots resting on three stones, take one away and the pot falls. We teach that Safe Water, Good Hygiene and a Balanced Diet are all needed like the three stones. If one of these ’stones’ is ignored then the health of the family could also fall. You need all three stones to sustain a family.


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