Ken and Renea Chrisman

Missionaries in Dominican Republic


Ken and Renea Chrisman are committed members of the Christian Motorcycle Association, serving as leaders in their chapter, “Spring Riders”, from Hot Springs, Arkansas. They are also very active in their home church in Hot Springs, AR. . They have participated in two short-term CMA teams to the Dominican Republic, to Belize, and also served 6 months in Kenya Africa.

Ken is a hands-on servant of the Lord Jesus. He loves to use God’s creation to share the story of Jesus. An Air Force veteran, he is man of many talents with a background in mechanics and printer technology. Ken plays guitar and harmonica and loves to sing.

Renea has a strong background in teaching women and children, especially those in recovery and in need of counsel. She also shares her husband’s love of singing and praising the Lord in music.

Kenny will be serving in Dominican Republic with Rick Suchar. He will be assisting Rick with teams coming in, also going to the various Bible Colleges to encourage the students, as well as be encouraged by what God is doing through them. Kenny will be assisting with the many needed repairs while he is there. Kenny is looking to be a regular in Dominican Republic going about every 3 months and staying for approx. 3 weeks each time. To assist with the ministry, teams, Bible College, and repairs where needed. We are super excited at What God is doing, in this ministry. To become a team member and help support what God is doing please click the link below and donate to this ministry. 

thank you so very much.  


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