Daniel and Rachael Browne

Missionaries in Dominican Republic


Daniel and Rachael originally met online in early 2016 when Daniel was living in Shreveport, LA, USA and Rachael had already been in China for many years.      

They were married in July 2017 in Rachael's hometown of Perry, Iowa.  The Lord called them to Florida for 1 year after which they returned to international ministry in the Dominican Republic in July 2018.

Daniel is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and has previously served in local and international ministry with his home church, First Baptist Shreveport, in Shreveport, LA and long before.

Since arriving in the DR, Daniel has been an ESL teacher, Spanish student while team teaching Biblical manhood in public schools and prisons.

Beginning in April 2020, when COVID practically shut down the country, the Lord called Daniel out of the this  ministry and connected him with a discipleship and water ministry called The Bucket Ministry (TBM).  TBM's mission is to share the Gospel with non-believers through the tool of water filters, thus providing safe, clean drinking water and The Living Water to all who thirst.

Rachael's ministry and passion have remained the same throughout her career:  Expose mostly non-believing  local and international high school students to a dynamic, grounded and robust Christian curriculum and worldview.  

By his own admission, Daniel is a freshman and learning what it means to be a missionary.  





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