Craig Wheeland

Missionary in Pakistan

We (John Horstman and I) are going to attempt to ride motorcycles through 48 states in 10 days to raise awareness for missions and to raise money to build a school for children of indentured slaves in Pakistan.
Each day over the course of the event we will share videos and stories from our ride and also seek to raise awareness about the need for the church to get out of our buildings and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.
The first goal is to raise $23,200 to purchase the land.
Then the second goal is to raise another $35,200 to build the basic building that will be able to give a free education to somewhere between 180-200 children who would otherwise not have an opportunity. Most of these children would likely end up illiterate and making bricks like their father and grandfather before them. Please join the event and share? We’re going to need lots of help to get what the Lord has put on my heart done.

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