Craig Wheeland

Missionary in Pakistan

The goal to raise funds to purchase land and build a brick and mortar school for children of bonded slaves in Pakistan has been reached. All glory to God Who provided everything needed and used His people as the conduit through which He is blessing children caught in slavery in Pakistan.
Currently we have a one room school providing a free education to 51 students in the church at one brick kiln. The goal is to give a free education to somewhere between 180-200 children from several brick kilns who would otherwise not have an opportunity. Most of these children would likely end up illiterate and making bricks like their father and grandfather before them. The fate awaiting many of the girls is possibly even worse.
We’re going to need lots of prayers and help to get done what the Lord has put on my heart. The official ribbon cutting and ground breaking occurred on 3/23/24. The estimated total cost (land and structure was $60.000) to build the school. The goal is to have the school built and ready for students in August. We are currently on schedule for that to happen. We'll still need to buy desks, book, school supplies, uniforms, backpacks, etc, but as we're rounding third base and heading for home all while trusting that the Lord will finish the work that the work that He has begun.
Thank you for your prayers and support 

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