E and G Fonseca-Mendoza

Missionaries in Middle East


E. and G. are a Nicaraguan couple who, by God's grace, have been redeemed to serve the Almighty King. E. embodies a living testament to the transformative power of God, facilitated through the missionaries of Missionary Ventures International during his childhood in an impoverished neighborhood in Managua. Now, alongside his wife G., they are called to perpetuate that legacy of transformation in one of the least reached countries.Their journey commenced five years ago when they served in Spain, dedicating their efforts to refugees and immigrants, predominantly from Muslim backgrounds. In Spain, they actively supported the local church, engaged with Muslim women, and provided mentorship to missionary organizations. Presently, the Lord has impressed upon their hearts the calling to serve among Muslims in Iraq.With a wealth of experience gained through short-term missions in various countries within the Muslim world, involving services of three months' duration, E. and G. now view this as an opportunity to embark on a more extended commitment. They are eager to delve into long-term work, anticipating abundant fruits for the Kingdom of God.

We are able  to strengthen local discipleship in Iraq, establishing robust connections with the local church to successfully propel the Kingdom of God in the region through exemplary discipleship, serving as a catalyst for transformation.

Our priority will be cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, and the implementation of innovative ministerial initiatives with children, refugees, and displaced individuals. We have succeeded in embodying love, compassion, and justice in this diverse context.

•        The mission of our ministry is to actively serve Middle Eastern communities through education and humanitarian support, with a particular focus on children and refugee and displaced populations.

•        My wife and I are committed to providing quality and accessible education for children, creating an environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive in a safe and loving atmosphere. Concurrently, we conduct research in refugee camps and displaced communities to better understand their needs and respond effectively.

•        Our work includes the development of educational programs, psychosocial support, and assistance in basic needs, always guided by Christian principles of service, love for neighbors, and the promotion of human dignity. Through these actions, we aim to be instruments of hope and change, demonstrating the love of Christ in action.

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