Daelunae Guerreo

Missionary in Peru


I was born on December 7, 1995, in the city of Lima, I am an only child on the part of my parents. My dad currently has another marriage, I live with my mom. My parents have been separated for 20 years, but despite this my parents always watched over my professional and personal well-being.

I met God in the midst of many problems at home within them the separation from them, I did not understand what was happening but going to church and hearing that God loves us as we are made me change from a very young age , and from the age of 13 I started to be the leader of adolescents my age, it was complicated but at that moment I understood that God called me to serve him , because despite my young age I started to grow in the things of God and I realized that he was my support at all times, I saw the hand of God in my family, and seeing that he has never left me alone, I am the only teenager who could finish high school and start studying a technical career. After going through all that process I understood that I must go out and preach the word so that many boys, families like mine can know the love of God, that's why I am currently working in Caraballo and I see children who are already teenagers grow up today, studying a technical career and definitely God once again gives me his sign that it is the right path and what he wants for my life. Since I was little, I went on missions with Pastor Alex Cotrina and Jorge Cotrina, and I grew up longing to be an adult and continue in the great commission that God has entrusted to us. And here I am so that God has me and continues doing his will.

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