Yanina Solano

Missionary in Peru


My name is Yanina Solano, I come from a Christian family, my parents are missionary pastors in the central jungle of Peru. My grandparents were the pioneers in the word of God and they were the ones who founded the church in the place where I lived as a child in northern Peru in Huacho. My parents always sent me to church to learn about Jesus, only my mother loved God, that's how I met God at the age of 5, through an illness and I decided to accept God in my life, right then and there, day I was healed, God used the disease to know him personally. God worked in my father's life and moved him to serve him in the jungle, together with the family. At the age of 7 I began my missionary life with my parents, we went to share the gospel in the middle of the jungle where people walked for hours to get to the church, on that date terrorism in Peru was devastating, but God was faithful and He take care us so far. The process of serving him was not easy because the gospel was not widely accepted, but God gave me strength to face every challenge at school, college, and university.

Eight years ago God called me to His full-time service, I loved my profession very much, but God took it upon himself to make me passionate about HIM since I was little. I am currently serving in the finance area, and I also actively serve with children, women and the elderly and on the mission field in different parts of Peru.

My desire is to continue serving the Lord until he allows it, preparing myself more as a missionary and studying theology to be able to know the word of God more deeply and continue sharing with people who still do not know God's love. Likewise, I would like to help as a translator both in the mission and on the mission field, and learn some skills to help those most in need on mission trips (cutting hair, crafts, etc.).

I ask for your prayers so that God's favor, guidance and strength will always be with me.

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