Carlos and Jenny Mejia

Missionaries in Peru


We are a church made up of a group of young people with the mission of being able to evangelize to other people.  We seek to interact with groups of volunteers who are interested in helping people who are marginalized. 

For society, for its economic and social position, and all this you do not give strength to unite and rise for the change of our district and nation in which this group has the task to demonstrate the presence of social and spiritual aid, by transmitting values through events, talks, workshops, seminars. We also hold workshops to discover the talents of the participants who live in the different areas of our district and nation and thus be able to bring hope to young adolescent children and adults living in our district and nation for which this group always has had that legacy of helping others. 

My wife supports me in all these tasks and supports me in raising my children. We both generate resources to cover the expenses of the evangelisms that we do on the streets. 

Even if it was difficult due to lack of financial resources along the way, I have been able to see the powerful hand of God where Joshua 1:9 has been faithful to his word: “He has not abandoned me, he has not failed me and he has always provided all the things we needed to carry out his work.” 

I know very well that doing missions requires time and effort. I would like to be able to share with other young people that God can work in their lives and give them a new direction of goals and dreams. 

I hope I can reach more young people and train them to want to work with other people who are submerged on the streets. Many churches today do not understand that young people are the future of a nation and therefore they are the future of the church. Also, if young people get lost today there will be no future, a change, nor will there be servants who serve in His work. 

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