Gustavo and Danitza Huamani

Missionaries in Uruguay


I gave myself to Christ in 1998. I have always served the Lord since I approached God on the day of my salvation.

From there I wanted to serve in the church by collecting the hymnals, shaking dust from the benches, cleaning the bathrooms, arranging chairs, cleaning Sunday school classes, teaching Sunday school children, i met in bible studies and eventually led them. It was part of my learning time.

At the age of 17, I made the decision to go to the seminary to serve the Lord better. It is in the seminary that I am most interested in missions, only that I still lacked a better understanding of the missionary perspective, as such I still felt unable to serve as a missionary, but I was always sure to serve the Lord wherever God led me.

In the third year of my seminary preparation I started working on a small project that aimed to go to the farthest towns of the city to share the gospel with booklets, bibles, going from town to town and from house to house and each one distant from each other, from time to time walking, or riding a motorbike, or by bus. This was in the villages of the Andes mountain range in Arequipa.

Danitza and I got married in 2007, that's where I have three of my children, Camila, Kary, and Gustavito. My wife is very loving and they are amazing guys.

Now we are missionaries in the country of Uruguay where I have the vision of going to the villages and opening churches in the houses, through discipleship. we desire to fulfill God's command.


Why Uruguay?

A study reveals that 40% of Uruguayans do not have religious beliefs, despite being in the center of the region with the largest Christian population in the world. They are a country with a very low percentage of evangelicals and have difficulty in achieving steady growth in the life of every member or assistant of the church. That is why we ask you to pray for the Uruguayans and for the country of Uruguay, so that the evangelical witness may grow.

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