Steve and Stephanie Rhoades

Missionaries in United States


Since our retirement in May of 2019, we have witnessed the hand of the Lord directing our lives. Our constant prayer has been “Lord reveal your plan as we dedicate our lives to serving you.”

In November 2021, on a short-term missionary trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, we learned about Discovery Bible Groups and their effectiveness making disciples. As we heard the testimonies of the missionaries, we were inspired to join MVI, spreading the Gospel message overseas. Our hearts were filled with the desire to follow the Great Commission,  making disciples who make disciples.

For the next few months we progressed toward our goal serving as missionaries in Germany. God had different plans. Through the miraculous intervention of God, we were directed to focus our missionary work here in the United States instead of Europe. God has directed our path to Bluffton, Indiana to grow a strong disciple-making movement in Northeast Indiana.

Our mission is to find "persons of peace" in our local communities that feel uncomfortable with the traditional church environment. We will search for people to disciple in drug rehab centers, jails, prisons, homeless shelters, senior citizen homes, biker clubs, and throughout our community. Our goal is to start Discovery Bible Groups guiding people to a personal relationship with Jesus and then train them to go out and make more disciples. 

Please watch the short video below to hear our entire story!

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