Eric and Wendy Harbinson

Missionaries in Nicaragua


Both Eric and Wendy were born in High Point, NC just six months apart. Eric and Wendy met each other while they were in the 5th grade! They began dating while seniors in high school, and both then went on to attend college at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). They were married in 1982 after graduation.

Eric and Wendy each came from loving Christian homes. Wendy attended a large Baptist church and was very involved with activities there as well as at school, while Eric’s family attended the Lutheran church where his family, including grandparents, were active. Two of Eric’s three siblings suffered with Cystic Fibrosis. His oldest brother died before Eric was born. His sister Sandra suffered with the disease for 21 years. However, she had a vibrant faith and a committed personal relationship with Christ and became a spiritual mentor to Eric, having a tremendous impact on his life. Their close relationship nourished Eric’s faith and birthed an understanding that we are not promised long lives. In later years this helped solidify God’s leading Eric to work with young people.

In the years following graduation, the Harbinsons made their home in Orlando (14 years) where they had three children (Greg, Brett, and Kaylee) and then, in 1996 they returned to NC (Charlotte). In the years following, through participation in short-term mission trips, they sensed God’s calling them to foreign missions. In 2011 they knew their call was to Nicaragua. In 2012, the Harbinsons, along with daughter Kaylee, moved to Nicaragua where they have been serving for the last nine years.

The Harbinsons’ vision is to establish relationships in the City of Matagalpa and environs through Bible teaching, discipleship training, and pastor partnerships. They look forward to returning to the field as Missionary Ventures Field Coordinators.


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