Lenora Gauthier

Missionary in Uganda


Lenora Gauthier lives in eastern Uganda in the village called Lweteega, a place she’s called home for the last four years. She lives on the compound of the Anointed Church of Jesus Christ (a large evangelical Ugandan denomination) and works closely and under authority of the local pastor.

Lenora, through God’s grace, has overcome serious adversity and years-long abuse within her family. Emotional and psychological healings have come in waves with setbacks and challenges all along the way. The path has not been an easy one. In 1987, as she had just begun enjoying a renewed relationship with her father, Lenora was in a serious, life-threatening automobile accident. Once again, God’s grace covered her and through the prayers of many she was miraculously healed. This healing was of her body, but she was yet in need of the full healing that only comes with salvation in Jesus Christ. It was nearly two years later, and once again in a time of personal crisis, that Lenora accepted Christ as her Savior. She says, “It was the beginning of the end of my turbulent life.”

In the ensuing years, Lenora became very involved with church and related activities, earned an Associates degree in mass communication, became grounded in God’s Word, wrote several books, and following several short-term mission trips to Belize, began to hear God’s call to missions. And, in perfecting Lenora’s healing, God has drawn her family members, one by one, into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lenora continues to maintain an active relationship with Christian Service Center and the pastoral staff at her home church. It is in obedience to these spiritual leaders and mentors in her life that Lenora is seeking to become a member of the Missionary Ventures family. She is anxious to return to her beloved Uganda where she will continue, by God’s continued grace, to teach the Word of God, evangelize, and participate in community development as opportunities arise.


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