Tim and Pam Stairs

Missionaries in United States


Tim is a missionary kid who grew up in Mexico as his parents translated the New Testament for the Huave people of southern Oaxaca. He has worked most of his adult life in Spanish ministry, first in Oklahoma, then in Colorado. Beginning in 2002 he began participating in ministry trips to Costa Rica. Eventually he quit his job and he and Pamela moved to Costa Rica to teach Bible to pastors and church leaders and lead short term ministry teams from the United States in support of those local ministries.

In 2017 they returned to Oklahoma and began working in the international ministry of a local church. The ministry involves teaching Bible but also ESL classes as an outreach to new arrivals in the USA. We continue to be in contact and supportive of local pastors in Costa Rica and plan to lead teams to help their outreach programs as Covid permits.

The most exciting part of the current ministry is helping launch a Kirundi speaking congregation in Oklahoma. The pastor is from Burundi and most of the congregation is from Rwanda and Congo as well as Burundi. Some, via Zoom, are scattered in other states, Europe, Africa and even Asia.

A new development is an old story. The grandson of one of the first evangelical believers under Tim’s parent’s ministry has contacted Tim for help in the Huave ministry. There are many churches that came out of that ministry but the New Testament is virtually out of print and the Old Testament has never been translated. Tim has been providing biographical information about those early years of his parent’s ministry and praying about future involvement in that region of Mexico.


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