Mark and Cinthia Blosser

Missionaries in Ecuador


Mark and Cinthia Blosser live in Ecuador and help prepare people to be future Christian leaders. Cinthia was born in Peru and grew up longing to be a missionary. In 2005, she moved to Ecuador, and she served in the Amazon region for 6 years before meeting Mark. Mark was raised in a Christian home in the U.S., and his family moved to Ecuador as missionaries in 2009. Mark and Cinthia were married in 2012 and began a church plant in southern Ecuador. After two and a half years of pastoring, church planting and counseling, their focus has shifted to preparing Ecuadorians to be future Christian leaders. They desire to help in whatever way they can, training Christian leaders, teaching seminars, helping national pastors in their evangelistic activities, ministering in word and song, and providing teaching, support counseling and rest for the pastors that have dedicated their lives to the kingdom. Their mission is to support them in whatever way possible, always in the background; equipping and assisting the Ecuadorian church to reach their own with the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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